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This is Reflections, an opportunity for me to write about whatever’s on my mind delivered straight to your inbox, on Tumblr (finally found a use for it lmao), and on andrewokwuosah.com every weekday evening. 

Practically, this is an opportunity for me to build an email list that I can use to achieve world domination a way to promote myself without needing to rely on social media if something were to happen to my presence on Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and the like. Even if you do end up reading these posts on Tumblr or .com on a daily basis, I implore you to subscribe to receive this in your inbox since I’ll be posting secret links only in the email version of this newsletter like early access to content, discount codes, and other surprises that you’ll just have to be subscribed to find out about.

Personally though, this is an opportunity to rejuvenate the habit I once had of writing on a consistent basis in a non-academic context. Sometimes this newsletter will pertain to current events but the goal is that these newsletters are something that you can read today or a year from now and still draw something from it whether it’s a story, an analysis or something, or just me ranting about something. The goal is for this to feel like my diary because well it pretty much is. Aside from my bullet journal where I plan out my daily tasks and plan out specific products, this is the place to go for my thoughts in a format that’s longer than a tweet. I’ll also be closing these newsletters with recommendations on things to watch, listen to, do, or check out around the Internet. 

Speaking of personality though, I should probably introduce myself if you’re somehow stumbling onto this without knowing who I am. I’m Andrew Okwuosah, a sophomore at Georgia State University studying journalism based in Atlanta. In my spare time, I consume and create a ton of content from the mixes on Andijack Music to photos and videos around the Interwebs. Did I mention that I tweet… a lot. Like more than President Trump. 

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